Take your training to the next level

Logo-grupo-2017-sGroup training (6 people)

Working together to achieve a common goal

Logo-individual-2017-sIndividual (one to one)

100% personal training

Analysis and update of your training plan



Session by session


Online sessions 1

 One to one (55′)  ✔ (2/week)

✔ (1-5/week)

Who is aimed at?

Advanced and professional

Special needs 2

Specific physical condition (triathlon, cross country and trail running, swimming, cycling…)

General physical condition (quality of life and health)

Body mass composition (weight/fat loss and increasing muscle mass)

Support and evaluation      
Monday to Friday


Instant messaging  3


To enjoy the online service, it is essential you have a GPS device and some knowledge regarding technology.

Cardiovascular disease, osteo-articular disease, metabolic disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancer, pregnant women, elderly, obesity and / or injury.

Via the Telegram instant messaging service.

All programmes require a minimum of 3 months commitment to the programme. On average, this is the amount of time that both coach and athlete need to work together in order to be effective and advance sufficiently towards their goals. Less time is usually not effective and you may run the risk of not getting the results you are looking for.