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Master Degree in High Performance in Cyclic Sports (UMU – University of Murcia) | Bachelor Degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences (ULPGC – University of Las Palmas de GC) | Level III Triathlon Coach (FETRI – Spanish Triathlon Federation) | Swimming Coach (RFEN – Spanish Swimming Federation) | National Athletics Coach (RFEA – Spanish Athletics Federation) | Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA) | Elite Elements System Trainer | Surf Lifesaving teacher (RFESS – Spanish Surf Lifesaving Federation)

💼 Experience

I have helped many people lose weight and, more importantly, improve their body composition, ie decreasing body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass. The secret for this success is being consistant when training thanks to the supervision of a personal trainer who adapts the training programme to the needs of each individual.

I have had the opportunity to help improve the quality of life and health for people with special needs (people with cardiovascular disease, osteoarticular disease, metabolic disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancer, pregnant women, the elderly, people with obesity and/or with injuries) through regular physical activity, with extensive control to achieve the maximum benefits with the minimum risk.

I also have experience working as a personal trainer and online physical trainer to improve athletic performance in triathlon, cross country running, trail running, swimming and cycling (all distances). Thanks to teamwork, programming, follow-up and guidance I have had the opportunity to train different athletes (from amateurs to experts) for all types of resistance sports. Below you can find a sample of some of the races and competitions that we have completed together successfully.


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